Why Data Tapir?

CRM data in Excel for decision making and analysis.
Visualize Your Data Your Way

Excel provides the tools business and sales executives need to analyze deal data stored in Hubspot CRM, and to deliver it in the charts and graphs that make the most sense for their business.

A Full View of the Business

Use Excel to join data from other sources with your analysis of CRM data to get a complete picture of how the business is performing.

Update CRM data from Excel

Make changes to CRM data in Excel and synchronize those updates back to Hubspot.

Install from the Office Store

Be up and running in seconds from any device
  • Visit Office Store

    Use the link at the top of this page to visit data tapir on the Microsoft Office store. You can watch a short overview video and simply click "Add". The Add-In is free during our beta period and will always be free for up to 200 deals.

  • Open Excel

    Click the "Data" tab and you'll see our "Deals" item available on the menu. When you click on deals, you'll be prompted to login to Hubspot CRM. Once you login, you'll have your live Deals in Excel.

  • Get Help

    Feel free to reach out for help at contact@datatapir.com, and review our blog for tips on using Excel with Hubspot CRM data.

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