Driving CRM Adoption through Reporting

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One of the great challenges with Hubspot CRM is getting consistent usage across the team.  In order to have an effective management tool, you need a 100% complete picture of the pipeline. This means it must both have all active deals logged as well as realistic amounts and the best currently understood close dates.

The key to improving both consistent usage and realism is to have a weekly cadence where the data gets reviewed, questions are asked, and updates are made for the whole team.  The key to having this meeting drive effective adoption of CRM is to drive the meeting off of live Hubspot CRM data.

That’s why we think the value of Hubspot CRM goes up so significantly when paired with Excel leveraging real time Hubspot data.  The reality today is that so many pipeline reviews are ad hoc, and structured around one person manually assembling data in Excel or exporting data and appending deals from reps who are not consistently using the CRM system.

The link that Data Tapir provides is to combine the convenience and comfort of Excel for analysis with the structure and rigor of Hubspot CRM for managing relationships and deals.  With the add in installed, you can run weekly pipeline reviews in Excel off of live data in Hubspot, and make real time updates that are saved back to Hubspot CRM.

How does this drive user adoption of Hubspot CRM?

  • No external process where reps can pass updates on directly to the person updating an Excel file so if it’s not in Hubspot, it’s not on the pipeline
  • Ease of making updates as a team so if a close date or amount doesn’t seem realistic when reviewed, it can be updated in real time at a click of a button
  • Simple, user friendly format to review data from Hubspot summarized and sliced however you like in Excel charts and tables so it shines the light on user adoption and provides an easy forum for calling out reps who are not actively using the system
  • Deal visibility ensures managers can effectively plot where to engage and have the most impact across the overall pipeline they are managing

Taken altogether, Data Tapir provides a key tool that you can leverage to ensure you get consistent and effective usage of Hubspot CRM across your team.

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