Hubspot CRM Reporting Resources

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Hubspot CRM recently came out of beta and provides a unique experience focused on sales productivity.  Let’s look in a bit more detail at the resources for understanding the basics for Hubspot CRM reporting, as well as how the Data Tapir add in goes deeper.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check out the Hubspot blog post on CRM reporting –  This article provides an overview of the existing built in dashboard, and highlights the core features provided by Hubspot CRM for reporting.

Also, if you’re an existing user, it’s helpful to pay attention to Hubspot Ideas for CRM (  This user community provides insight into where the product is headed.  Scrolling through this list you can see that users love the data captured by the CRM tool for both management reporting as well as productivity tracking, but there’s still room for more flexible analytics that allow for ad hoc aggregating and filtering data based on sales stage, rep, team, and by different measures of productivity like emails sent and calls completed.

The Data Tapir add in goes deeper by syncing your Hubspot data with Excel and allowing you the ability to use real time data from Hubspot, but to perform the analysis in Excel.  Here’s a quick demo of how you can create your own pipeline dashboard with full flexible filters using Data Tapir –

Here are a couple of quick visual examples that show you how you can go deeper once the data is in Excel and really look at the trends driving the business beyond transactional reporting –

Next blog we will dive in deeper to look at how Excel dashboards can go mobile.



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