New Filters Feature

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We continue to prioritize the new features our users request and are in the process of rolling out filters.  Filters allow you to limit the data returned based on your selections.  We anticipate expanding filters over the coming weeks.  As of right now, this is in production for our beta premium customers, so if this is key for you please let us know and we’ll add you to our beta premium group.

Here’s a quick overview of how the filters work –

  1.  You’ll see a “Filter By” section at the bottom of the add in once you’ve selected your fields –



  1. Select the Property on which you’d like to filter (this will be the name of the Hubspot field).
  2. Select the Operator (most commonly equals).
  3. Select the Value you’d like to use to filter (i.e. “Closed Won”).
  4. Select “Add this Filter”.

Your spreadsheet will now filter actively and only return the relevant rows, and your filter will be saved visible in Data Tapir –


We’ll look forward to your feedback while we continue to be focused on adding additional functionality like custom properties and objects beyond Deals.



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